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Engraved bricks and plaques

Looking for a new fundraising idea for your organisation, school, or club?

Our engraved bricks and plaques help ensure that your next fundraiser will be a success. Numerous organisations have found our engraved bricks to be a profitable solution to their fundraising needs whilst also providing donor recognition at the same time. You determine the end price to sell the bricks - the difference between our low net price and the amount you sell them for is direct profit for your organisation. Prices include the brick or tile and engraving. These are displayed in three lines of 12 letters and spaces for tiles, and two lines of 16 letters and spaces for bricks. Contact us today to talk about your fundraising options.

We supply, pack and send the bricks and tiles for you to arrange a local installer. Each brick with packing weighs approximately 4kg so for an order of 100 bricks factor a freighting 400kg. We generally use Mainfreight so probably can get a good rate to your area. Please ask us for a freight quote.

Our prices

1-10 11-40 41+
Granite tiles 305 x 150mm $ 95.00 $ 90.00 $ 85.00
Clay bricks 230 x 112mm
Colours available - Red, Cream & Brown
$ 46.50 $ 39.00 $ 31.00

* excludes GST and freight

Quality clay bricks and black granite

What can I put on the bricks?

Take a look at the gallery to see what kind of displays you can create with our engraved bricks. You also have the ability to have your design span multiple bricks so what you decide to put on the bricks is almost limitless!

What's the recommended selling price?

You set the selling price, organisations have sold the granite tiles for $200 - $500 and the clay bricks for $60 - $200. The selling price can depend on the market you are in and the quantity you intend to sell.

What information do you need?

We require the list of names electronically by email in plain text. We don't check what you send to us, so make sure what you give us the correct information. To qualify for the bulk rates above, the order and the names are to be provided at one time.

Vertical or horizontal?

It's up to you! Our bricks and plaques can be positioned either horizontally or vertically - although we do recommend vertical as they are easier to keep clean.